American Heart Month

Valentine’s Day, hearts, greeting cards, red roses and candy boxes all remind us that February is a special month when our hearts beat just a little faster. February is also known as American Heart Month, a perfect time to show your true love how much you really care by telling them how to keep their heart healthy. The American Heart Association reminds us all that the best ways to take care of our hearts and to prevent heart attacks and strokes are to…

  • DSC_0601Stop Smoking
  • Lower Blood Cholesterol
  • Lower High Blood Pressure
  • Be Physically Active Every Day
  • Aim for a Healthy Weight
  • Manage Diabetes

Terrence now knows heart health guidelines better than most people.  Terrence’s first visit to the CFC was frightening and very short. He was experiencing chest pain upon arrival to the Clinic so he was quickly transported directly to Morton Plant Hospital where he was diagnosed with a heart attack. Once stabilized Terrance proceeded to have a triple bypass cardiac procedure. Since his discharge from the hospital two years ago, Terrence has received his primary health care at the clinic and his cardiac care from one of the Clinic’s community partners, Clearwater Cardiovascular Consultants. After experiencing five additional outpatient procedures, and following a heart healthy plan, Terrence’s heart is finally maintaining its normal rhythm and is much healthier. Terrence is doing very well and credits the CFC for great care and for the ongoing encouragement to practice the guidelines above.

When asked how the Clinic has helped him he said, “It saved my life! I have told many people about the Clinic, and I know others who come here now. I owe the Clinic a lot since I’m still not able to work, especially with all the medications I’ve been given.” Terrence knows that his own efforts and the Clinic’s consistent care are keeping him and his heart healthier. In this American Heart Month, let’s all review the strategies above and do what we are able to minimize our risk of heart attack and stroke.


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