CFC is a Breath of Fresh Air

The average person takes approximately 22,000 breaths in a 24 hour period?  Breathing is one of our body’s automatic functions, occurring effortlessly without thought or discomfort …that is …for those of us who are free from chronic pulmonary disease.

Fortunately the Clearwater Free Clinic (CFC) patients who suffer from Asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) are able to access the care they desperately need through a special Pulmonary Program held once a month.  Edward is one of these patients.

Edward is on Oxygen all the time.  He came to the Clinic in 2008 because his full time job did not provide insurance that he could afford.  Over the years he has received care for severe COPD, heart failure and many other issues.  “Without the Clearwater Free Clinic, I wouldn’t have anybody.  I’d end up n the ER every 90 days.  I appreciate what they do for me terribly,” said Edward.

Edward reiterated that the care he has received at the Clinic is no different than if he had insurance and went to see a doctor.  “All information is accurate and I don’t believe I could receive better care anywhere. ”  Edward does his best to purchase medications that he needs to alleviate the financial burden on the Clinic.  He is always on time and very gracious when he comes to the Clinic because he feels that the volunteers and staff have changed his life.

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