CFC Patient Now a Cancer Survivor

When Juan first moved into the area he was unemployed and without insurance. He was sick and needed help and a friend told him about the Clearwater Free Clinic. After an initial evaluation by a CFC volunteer physician, Juan was referred to a CFC volunteer gastroenterologist who performed a colonoscopy and made the diagnosis of colon cancer. “Having cancer without insurance is one of the scariest things that can happen to you,” Juan said. With the help of our community partners, Morton Plant Hospital and staff, Juan received the services of a colorectal surgeon, oncology specialist, hospital care and postoperative
chemotherapy treatments. “The Clinic’s close ties with the hospital and doctors really shows what quality care they can provide,” Juan said. Currently employed as a security supervisor, Juan never missed a day of work while receiving his chemotherapy treatments. He kept a positive attitude throughout his surgery and recovery, and in January 2012, Juan was informed that his cancer was in remission. “The Clinic provided me with tremendous quality of care,” Juan said, “Especially Jan, the Clinic’s nurse practitioner.” Juan continues to come to the Clinic for monthly care. “This community type of Clinic is so valuable to assist the low-income population. It has been a big relief to me and I tell everyone how the Clearwater Free Clinic helped me.”