CFC Volunteer Gives Back

Volunteer Chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers, gives back to the Clinic that helped his family.

Dr. Marc Rogers is a Largo chiropractor who is usually at his own busy office, but every other Tuesday afternoon he sees patients at the Clearwater Free Clinic. He breezes in with a smile and a friendly word for everyone in his path and then gets to work easing the pain of a stream of patients. “I want you to know that I’m very grateful to be here,” he says. “I always leave in a better mood.”


Dr. Rogers is candid about his devotion to the Clinic. In the early eighties, when he was a boy and his parents divorced, his mom “hit hard times” and, though working, could not afford insurance or medical care. Life was a struggle, and she became a patient at this Clinic. Because of his mom, Dr. Rogers has always intended to provide care for people who can’t afford it.
Last year, Dr. Rogers met Jeannie Shapiro, our Executive Director, and expressed an interest in volunteering but at that time the Clinic had no appropriate space available. A few months later, however, Jeannie fashioned a treatment space in the newly-acquired Valerie Nisk Annex, and the rest, as they say, is history. “I like helping people without getting anything back. I believe you have to serve first,” says Dr. Rogers. In serving at the Clinic, he is not only able to decrease patients’ pain but also able to decrease the chances of patients’ becoming dependent upon pain medication, a huge concern in pain management.
Dr. Rogers honors his mother every time he comes to the Clinic; he not only uses his medical skill, but he also offers a genuine grin and words of encouragement to each of his patients. Hats off to Dr. Rogers and all the medical volunteers who put their own interests aside and come to the Clearwater Free Clinic to serve!


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