Former CFC Patient Comes Back to Donate

Last week, our former patient Ann walked into the Clinic once again. This time, it wasn’t as a patient but as a donor. Ann came to bring a donation to the Clinic, knowing that the care she received here saved her life. She has not forgotten the day that the CFC’s nurse practitioner held her hand and told her about her cancer diagnosis. Now insured and receiving treatment, Ann knows how important the Clinic was to her and still is to thousands of other patients. She came on this day to say thank you with a heartfelt donation.

When Ann had walked into the Clinic in June of 2013, she never expected to receive a serious diagnosis. She had worked hard all her life, but when she lost her job she lost her health insurance. A friend said that free clinics help people in her circumstances, so when she had an unrelated medical issue, she came in. Through the Clinic’s careful evaluation process, it was discovered that Ann’s concerns were far more serious than her original reason for coming…Ann had Stage 3C ovarian cancer.
Ann is now in treatment for her second reoccurrence of her cancer. She has a positive attitude with a future that includes 4 grandchildren and “a lot to look forward to.” She tells her doctors to “Blast away! Just get rid of it,” and coaches other women through similar cancer diagnoses. Ann’s enthusiasm and energy is devoted to her family and her recovery, yet she doesn’t forget that the Clearwater Free Clinic saved her life. Now, she will donate to the Clinic when she can because she is grateful. “It’s the best place, just amazing.”

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