From a volunteer’s point of view…

Long-time volunteer Sylvia Leimer
helps a CFC Patient

The Clearwater Free Clinic has many stories to tell…stories of grateful people who have received the gift of medical care from our services and volunteer team.  Through all of the personal stories, there is one common theme of relief and thankfulness that the patients express to the volunteers and staff after receiving health care at the Clearwater Free Clinic.  Sylvia Leimer R.N., a devoted CFC volunteer for nearly 12 years, shares her story of volunteering and the impact the Clinic has had in her life and in the community.

“I first learned of the Clearwater Free Clinic in 2001 after seeing a request for volunteers in the newspaper. I went in that same afternoon to take a tour and started the very next day.  I knew in my heart that this was the right fit for me.  The Clinic really impacts the community like no other and the volunteers are able to help people with real medical needs.

“I have experienced so many touching patient stories while volunteering at the Clinic, but one story in particular stands out. A few months ago, a frightened young woman was given an appointment to see the Clinic’s nurse practitioner, Jan Humphreys. An examination revealed a breast lump which later turned out to be cancerous. Through the process and many appointments, the young woman was tearful and frightened; however she always expressed her thankfulness for the Clinic’s services.  She had surgery, was treated with chemotherapy and now is cancer free.  Two weeks ago she came into the Clinic for an appointment and was full of smiles… because the Clinic gave her her life back.  It makes me so happy to know that someone is going to live because of what we did… what more can you do for someone?

“ I am proud that the Clinic’s uninsured patients are treated  and cared for with the same dignity and respect as insured patients…whether at the Clinic or receiving care from any one of our community partners.

“I don’t do this for personal gain.  As long as I can, I will continue to volunteer and provide whatever I can for the people that would otherwise have no access to care. I am very proud to volunteer for the Clearwater Free Clinic and I make sure everyone knows it. I tell everyone how great this organization is and how wonderful their mission is.”

We hope that you will remember Sylvia’s Clearwater Free Clinic story this holiday season…that together, with your financial assistance and the volunteer hours of many, we are able to give the gift of health to those who simply cannot afford it.  A contribution of any amount will make a significant impact on the lives of our patients by improving the health of families living in our community.  Please find the enclosed donor envelope for your convenience, or, if you would rather have an immediate impact, please visit and click “Donate Now.”

The Clearwater Free Clinic is thankful to you, our generous community who continues to champion our mission; delivering comprehensive medical care to uninsured families through volunteerism and community partnerships…Building healthy communities.

Best in Health to each of you this holiday season!

P.S. Thank you to those who continue to support the Clearwater Free Clinic with your generous donations.


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