Patient Story: Gladys

What makes the Clearwater Free Clinic an exceptional medical home for the low-income, uninsured is the commitment by our staff and each volunteer to create a caring and welcoming atmosphere.  It is very important to address the physical, mental and social well-being of all who seek care at the CFC.

Originally from Colombia and now a U.S. Citizen, Gladys experienced cultural hurdles that made finding medical care difficult.  Severe abdominal pain impacted her livelihood as a housekeeper and ultimately led her to the Clearwater Free Clinic for help. DSC_0066

In March of 2016, Gladys was welcomed as a new Clinic patient and was promptly seen by several CFC volunteer professionals. She received many additional Clinic services and multiple hospital-based diagnostic tests, which all led to an improvement in her health and social outlook. Now, through the development of a new and exciting program with local ophthalmologists, the Clearwater Free Clinic will be able to provide Gladys with a much-needed cataract surgery. Gladys stated, “Because of the Clinic, I can continue to work.”

Established 40 years ago to fill a gap in the health care system, the Clearwater Free Clinic offers the low-income, uninsured a place where they can receive superior care and experience better health.  Private healthcare is a luxury for a family with limited income. With access to the Clinic’s care, patients no longer have to ignore serious symptoms or use the emergency room for non-emergent health problems.

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