Happy Father’s Day to All the Dads who Volunteer at the CFC!

This Dad Plays Golf for the CFC

As Brian Crisorio celebrates Father’s Day with his wife Meagan and his 2-year-old daughter Madison, we celebrate him and the generous role he plays with our Annual Charity Golf Tournament. Brian’s friend Jody Cox has been organizing the Clinic’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament for over a decade, and five years ago he invited Brian to come and bring a new perspective to the event.

Brian serves on the tournament’s planning committee and brings his energy and enthusiasm to every meeting. “I have grown to really love not only the Clinic’s cause, but the people as well. Each year I look forward to coming together with Jeannie, Meg, and the team of volunteers with a focus on putting on an unforgettable event that raises more funds than in any year previous.”

Brian is Vice President of his family’s automotive development business, United Development Systems, and says that “having a young family and a relatively young career, my time is valuable. The CFC and its golf event are my volunteering roles.”

Through the golf tournament, Brian helps to raise funding for the Clinic as well as community support. “I have seen much hype about charity misappropriations in the news recently, and it really got me thinking about how far a dollar at the CFC goes. There are great people that keep the machine moving, but without financial support from the public, there is no CFC.” With the collaboration of our community partners, Brian knows that every dollar raised at the golf tournament provides five dollars of medical care to uninsured Pinellas County residents.

Like other fathers with very busy lives, Brian has to make an intentional decision about where to give his time. On this Father’s Day, he represents dozens of other dads who have committed their time to volunteer at the Clearwater Free Clinic as Board members, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, clerks and (yes!) golfers. He says that there “… will always be a need for people to carry out the mission of the Clinic. To know that your hard work pays off by having a positive impact on someone else’s life, particularly relating to their health and well-being, is more rewarding than any paycheck a job could provide.”

A sincere thank you all the fathers who work hard as volunteers for the clinic! Without you, we could not provide the often life-saving services our patients depend upon.


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