Happy Mother’s Day

Volunteering is a Family Affair Here at the Clinic

On this Mother’s Day, we are delighted to introduce you to Aileen Bair.  Aileen is a nurse who volunteers at the Clearwater Free Clinic and finds great satisfaction in knowing that her skills help clinic patients to lead healthier lives.  Twenty years ago, Aileen was first introduced to the clinic when she needed community service hours for her nursing school program.  Little did she know that years later we’d be honoring all mothers who volunteer at the Clinic by putting the spotlight on her!

DSC_0182 Although Aileen is mother to busy and active 10 ½ year old Davey and 12 ½ year old McCauley, she has added volunteering at the Clinic to her schedule this year.  This is no surprise, as Aileen comes by her giving spirit naturally; her own mom, Gail Maguire, raised five children and taught them, above all, to be kind.  If you are kind to people who are hurting or in need, she said, it makes a difference in their lives.  Gail volunteered at the Clinic first, and when Aileen saw the pleasure it brought to her mom, she decided to come herself.

What brings her back each week?  Her ability to use her skills to benefit the community she’s enjoyed for so long, her pleasure at seeing patients return for appointments in improved health, and the gratitude expressed by patients for the care they receive.  And volunteering at the Clinic has taught her lots, too.  It has taught her that unfortunate circumstances can change a person’s life profoundly but that she can make a real difference in that life with the small kindnesses she shows.  It has taught her how blessed she is to be able to help others.  She says that she feels so good when she leaves the Clinic each week.

So on this Mother’s Day, we thank Aileen and her mom Gail.  We thank all the dozens of mothers, young and old, who volunteer here at the clinic.  And we look forward to the next generation of volunteers who will carry on their great work.

Happy Mother’s Day, to all the moms that spend their time volunteering at the CFC!

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