How many nurses do you know?

Cl.Free.Clin 051Mothers, sisters, brothers, friends, neighbors, classmates…nurses at the doctor’s office, nurses at the hospital, nurses at school, nurses at the walk-in clinic…

This is National Nurses Week, celebrated each year from May 6th through Florence Nightingale’s birthday on May 12th.  Here at the Clearwater Free Clinic we salute our nurses and recognize both the knowledge and the heart that they have.  Nurses study hard and learn much in the classroom, in clinical practice, and in the daily routines of nursing.  They need to know when to question an order, how to revive a patient in crisis, how to perform intricate and demanding medical tasks.

DSC_0058 (1024x678)Along with practiced technical skills, nurses also need tender hearts that provide care, education, and
encouragement to their patients.  Nurses try to make patients comfortable, gently re-explain diagnoses and treatment plans, and care for families in times of grief.  Nurses are our front-line medical caregivers, and this is their week!

If you would like to honor a special nurse that you know, click here to donate to the Clearwater Free Clinic where our volunteer nurses care for low-income, uninsured families here in Pinellas County.  Be sure to include your nurse’s name and address in the notes section so the Clinic can send a personal announcement of your gift; you will also receive an acknowledgment of your tax-deductible gift.  donate-now-big-engWhat better way to say “Thank You’” to a nurse who gives exemplary care than to provide nursing care to someone else who needs it?

Make a donation in honor of your favorite nurse Now!


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