Letter from patient that no longer needs CFC services

Here at the Clearwater Free Clinic we receive dozens of letters thanking us for the service we provide to the community.  So many patients are able to return to work and lead healthy lives because of the care they receive at the Clinic.  Here is our latest letter from a patient that now has insurance so he will no longer need  CFC services.

To All the Great Volunteers at the Clearwater Free Clinic,

 I want to thank all of you!  You do such an outstanding job of helping the people who enter your door.  All of you do such a great Job!!  For around 2 years I came to the Clinic when I had no insurance and all of you helped me make it way easier in my life.  You healed me in so many ways!  Again, I want tot thank each and every one of you at the Clearwater Free Clinic.  Your hearts are all on the right path and you’re blessed for that.


Sincerely with Warm Regards,


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