National Nurses’ Day

We honor one of our own…

Nurses REVISEDEvery year May 6 is designated as National Nurses’ Day and begins the celebration of National Nurses’ Week.  This week ends on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

We at the Clearwater Free Clinic want to honor our staff and volunteer nurses on Wednesday, and we encourage you to honor the nurses you know as well.  Sheryl Garcia, RN, is a long-time volunteer at the Clinic and beautifully represents the skills, talents, and hearts of all our nurse volunteers.

From her earliest years, Sheryl was raised to be a caregiver.  Her mom took in unpaid foster children, and her uncle was a Maryknoll missionary priest.  As Sheryl says, she “was born to be a nurse.”  Newly retired from hospital nursing, Sheryl came to the Clinic 5 ½ years ago and loves volunteering here because “we are truly helping others.  Without volunteers, there could be no Clearwater Free Clinic.  This is mission work right in our community.”

sherylSheryl says that volunteering at the Clinic is really a gift to oneself.  “When we do what’s right, we have peace and joy.  It’s giving back to our community.  A win-win for everyone.   And I love, love, love the staff.  I look forward to seeing them every week.”

“So many patients explain that they don’t know what they would do without the free clinic.  There are many very, very sick people who come through the clinic doors.  They’d have no hope without the CFC.  Also, many patients have stated that they have received the best medical care at CFC, and the kindest treatment.  I personally think that is because we have so many wonderful volunteer doctors and nurses here who really care about helping the needy.”  Sheryl, of course, invites you to consider volunteering at the Clinic.

And because “dollars are really stretched at CFC,” Sheryl encourages you to donate to the Clinic as well.   Every dollar donated provides five dollars of medical care.

nurses dayFinally, “At the end of the day, “ Sheryl thinks, “God smiles down at CFC and the wonderful staff and wonderful volunteers and all the work they do for the needy.”

We think that God surely smiles down on Sheryl as she volunteers at the Clinic and lives out her family’s belief that “helping others is just a way of life.”

 Happy Nurses’ Day to Sheryl and all of our beloved nurses.


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