National Pharmacist’s Day


January 12, 2016 is National Pharmacists Day, a day set aside to acknowledge the huge but often unsung role of pharmacists in our healthcare.  Not only do pharmacists fill our prescriptions, but they also counsel us on their use, educate us on their side effects, and monitor how all our medications interact with each other.  Without our pharmacists, we would have diagnoses without medicine to treat them!

To celebrate Pharmacists Day, the Clearwater Free Clinic wants to spotlight one of our own…volunteer pharmacist, Tom Angel.  Tom has been a faithful volunteer since 2007 when he was newly retired and heard of the Clinic from another who had volunteered here.  “The need for volunteers is great, and I think the volunteer gets more back than they put in,” says Tom.  “Personally, I have always liked helping others with their medical situations.  Every patient I have talked with expresses their gratitude and says ‘thank you.’ I believe they are very sincere in what they say.”

What specific memory keeps Tom coming back to the Clinic? “Being an insulin-dependent diabetic for over 50 years and having hands-on experience with the disease, I have especially enjoyed sharing my knowledge with several diabetic patients who needed some guidance.”

And Tom is not alone in his volunteerism…it’s a family affair!  His two grandsons volunteered here during their high school years, and Tom’s wife Sharon does clerical duties at the clinic, helping with whatever is needed. They are both looking forward to their time in the Clinic in 2016, and we are surely looking forward to having them! Happy Pharmacist’s Day, Tom!

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