Party with a Purpose

There are easy and fun ways for everyone to be charitable. Planning a fundraiser for the CFC will promote good health for our community and be a great opportunity to spend time with your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Here are some simple ideas for fundraisers that you can host:

Yard Sale: Clean out your closets!

Car Wash: Set up shop at the local gas station or school.

Spinning Class: Harness the energy of your spinning class. Set a goal at the beginning of the class and if it’s met, everyone donates $1 per mile – or $1 per minute
* Lemonade Stand: Great for parents and kids to organize together, especially in the hot summer
* Bake Sale: Get the neighborhood or office together for some sweet treats for good.
Birthday Party: In lieu of birthday gifts encourage a charitable donation.
* Potluck Giving Circle Dinner: Guests bring a dish and donate what they would have spent dining out.
Dinner Out: Ask your favorite restaurant to donate a % of a night’s proceeds, and pack it full of your


Dress Down Friday: Ask your boss if you can host a “Clearwater Free Clinic Dress Down Friday”.  Employees pay a small fee to dress down on an assigned day.
* Hair Salon: Ask your salon to hosts a hair cut-a-thon. Two hours of haircutting will raise more donations can imagine – be sure to get the word out!
No donation is too small…For every $1.00 donated, the CFC is able to provide $5.00 worth of services. Contact Meg Lokey,  727-331-8149
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