Patient Story

As you can see from her photo, when Sheila IMG_5531smiles, she lights up the room!  And her face lit up when we talked to her about her experiences here at the Clearwater Free Clinic.  Originally from North Carolina, Sheila now calls Clearwater home and works doing cleaning and laundry at a nursing home.  She is a typical patient here at the Clinic.  She is working, but doesn’t have health insurance and earns too much for government assistance…and she has a chronic illness that requires careful monitoring and treatment.

Several years ago, Sheila took a friend’s advice and came to the Clinic for treatment for the high blood pressure that she’d had for many years.  She now calls Jan Humphreys, our nurse practitioner, “my lifesaver” and Debbie Landon, our clinical assistant, “my angel” because of the lifesaving care and encouragement she has received from them and other Clinic volunteers and staff.  “I follow their instructions,” Sheila says, “and come back every month for my prescription and every 3 months for my blood tests and follow-up.  I am pretty good, doing well now.”

Asked whether she would tell someone else about the Clinic, Sheila says, “Absolutely.  It’s such a blessing because everybody doesn’t have insurance.  They care about people here, and their hearts are in what they are doing.  I care about them too.  I love the whole team.  I love them from my heart.”

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