When is the Clinic open?

Regular operating hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:45 AM until 6:00 PM or later depending on physician availability. The Clinic is closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Where is the Clinic located?

The Clearwater Free Clinic is located at 707 N. Ft. Harrison Ave. in downtown Clearwater on the corner of Seminole Street and N. Ft. Harrison Ave.  See our Contact page for our location.

How much will my visit cost?

There is no fee to see the Clinic physicians/nurse practitioners, however all patients are asked to make a cash or check donation at each visit to help cover our operating expenses. The Clinic does not receive government funding or United Way support.

Can I bring my child to the Clinic?

Yes! Pediatric services are available to infants and children who meet the eligibility requirements. There is a special Pediatric Clinic every Wednesday morning from 9-12 however sick children will be seen during regular clinic hours when appointments are available.

Can my child receive immunizations at the Clinic?

No. The Pinellas County Health Department offers free childhood immunizations, as well as adult and foreign travel immunizations. More information is available on the Health Department web site.

Can I see a specialist at the Clinic?

Referrals to specialists may be available to qualified Clinic patients. On your first visit you will see a Primary Care Physician or an ARNP (Registered Nurse Practitioner). They will refer you to a specialist if your condition warrants and if a volunteer specialist is available.

Are medical tests and lab work available at the Clinic?

If the Clinician decides labs are needed or tests are warranted, we will make every effort to provide them.

Can I get a physical at the Clinic?

Adults – Basic (non occupational) physicals only- the Clearwater Free Clinic is a problem-oriented clinic and does not provide routine physicals.

Children yes- School and sports physicals are limited to children, during our Pediatrics Clinic on Wednesday mornings.

Am I eligible for Clinic services?

If you are under the age of 65, a U.S. citizen and a permanent resident of upper Pinellas County (North of Park Blvd), do not have medical insurance or government assistance and meet the Clinic’s financial guidelines, you are eligible to be qualified as a new Clinic patient.  Pre-qualifying takes place at the the Valerie Nisk Annex, next door to the Clinic. Check new patient Information section on the website.

How do I become a patient at the Clearwater Free Clinic?

You must bring the required documentation and be pre-qualified at the Valerie Nisk Annex at 705 N. Ft. Harrison to make an appointment. Please click here for New patient information.

Does the Clinic provide emergency services?

Absolutely not!  If you are having chest pain, difficulty breathing, or any other medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

What services are available at the Clinic?

The Clinic offers a wide range of care for most medical problems, beginning with an office visit with our nurse practitioner or one of our volunteer physicians. Medications, lab work, tests, X-rays, procedures, nutritional counseling, and referrals to specialists are available to qualified Clinic patients as determined by Clinic practitioners.

How do I make an appointment?

First, you must be an established patient of the Clearwater Free Clinic. Click here for details. You can usually make an appointment on the day you wish to be seen by visiting the Clinic in person. If you choose to call 727-447-3041, and if there are still appointments available at the time that we answer the phone, we are happy to make an appointment for you for that day.

Can the Clinic perform a test or procedure that my family doctor has ordered?

No, the Clinic does not perform tests or procedures ordered by outside physicians. You must be a Clinic patient to receive these services, and they must be ordered by a Clinic practitioner.

Can I get a prescription from my family doctor filled at the Clinic?

No, the Clinic is not a community pharmacy and cannot fill outside prescriptions.

Are medications available at the Clinic?

Yes. For Clinic patients only, most standard generic medications are available through the Clinic’s medication room. If we do not have the medication ordered, we will provide you with a prescription to have filled at a pharmacy at your expense. In addition, we utilize Patient Assistance Programs (PAP’s).   Pharmaceutical companies offer free medications to patients who qualify.  Patients must fill out an application and meet the financial guidelines of the PAP.

Financial verification is necessary. The patient must fill out the application and a Clinic staff member will process the paperwork and handle the processing of the medication when it arrives at the Clinic. In order to provide this service the Clinic asks for a $5.00 processing fee for a 3 month supply of medication. Narcotics are not available, and prescriptions for narcotics will not be written.

I have diabetes or another pre-existing condition. Can I become a Clinic patient?

Yes! Although the clinic does not treat all medical problems, pre-existing conditions do not disqualify you from becoming a Clinic patient. The Clinic staff can help you manage your chronic conditions to prevent serious complications.

Does the Clinic offer pregnancy services?

No, the Clinic does not offer pregnancy testing, birth control, or obstetrics.

Does the Clinic offer other women’s services?

The Clinic offers some women’s services, including pap tests and mammograms, as determined by Clinic practitioners. We do not provide birth control, pregnancy testing, STD testing or treat vaginal infections. These referrals for women’s services are for established clinic patients. We do not make new patient appointments for GYN.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please call the Clinic at (727) 447-3041.