Summer Tips for a Healthy Heart

Since June is Great Outdoors Month, this is a great time to get outside, be active, and keep our hearts healthy.  We asked Dr. Paul Kudelko, Clinic volunteer and Board member, to comment on outdoor activities for his patients at the Clearwater Free Clinic.  He was quick to respond that “Physical activity on a daily/weekly planned program is the ‘fountain of youth’ that Ponce de Leon came to Florida to find 500 years ago.  Statistics show us that the more active we remain through our lifetime, the more productive and longer life we will actually have.”

“Keep it simple,” he says.  “With our great weather in Florida, everyone could walk 30 minutes daily.  Those 30 minutes could be divided into three 10 min. sessions or whatever is comfortable.  Biking is a good option, too.  I also encourage patients to take advantage of our local centers…the Long Center in Clearwater, the YMCA or the multiple city recreational centers. To make activities more fun, take along a friend or spouse.”

IMG_9058The American Heart Association offers great tips for healthy summer activities, cookouts, road trips…even how to stay cool during summer workouts.  Click here for a page of great information from them.  And after you read all their great tips, get outdoors and get active!  Dr. Kudelko does.  On the day he made the above suggestions, he had already walked for 40 minutes and was headed to an exercise class!  We at the Clinic hope that his practicing what he preaches will keep him here and healthy for a very long time indeed.

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