Thank you for your generous gift to the Clearwater Free Clinic!

Thank you so much for your recent gift to the Clearwater Free Clinic in the amount of Donation : Donation Amount. Every single donation helps to assure our patients that they have a medical home here at the Clinic. And because of our community partners, every dollar of your gift provides five dollars of care to our patients.

Your gift provides comprehensive health care services to those in our community who do not earn enough to afford personal health insurance but too much for government assistance. These are hard-working men and women who are trying to provide for their families and become self-sufficient. Here they are able to receive examinations, laboratory work, diagnostic procedures, prescription medicine and other necessary services that they cannot afford. When our patients are healthy, they can keep working and remain productive members of the community.
Here’s a recent note from a patient that we’d like you to see:

Words cannot express how grateful I am that there are people like you who care so much & volunteer to help others. I pray that one day I will be able to help others in need as well. I will no longer need the help of CFC. I am fortunate to be receiving medical insurance now with my job. I know your job can be challenging but keep smiling…you are appreciated!
Thank you to all!

And thank you again for your gift to the Clearwater Free Clinic. We know that there are many worthy causes to which you could make your donations. We are grateful and honored that you have chosen to share your resources with the Clinic. We promise to use every dollar wisely and to the greatest benefit of our patients.


Jeannie Shapiro
Executive Director