Volunteer Spotlight – Victor

victorVictor Riccardo is recognized by the CFC staff and volunteers as a skilled and compassionate nurse who is deeply committed to our Clinic patients. While running his family’s very successful healthcare staffing business and working on a second graduate degree, Victor takes every opportunity to volunteer at the Clinic. Victor’s commitment to the Clearwater Free Clinic has a very personal connection…a story which he shares openly when asked. He has had serious health challenges in the past and cannot imagine being without the resources to receive medical care when needed. Despite driving from New Port Richey, Victor is always eager to help, volunteering whenever possible to interact with and educate our clinic patients.

Victor’s first introduction to the CFC was as a student, completing required clinical hours for a graduate course. “I’ve been an active member of the healthcare community for years but was unaware of the tremendous number who seek treatment at CFC.” When asked what keeps him coming back, he answers, “That’s not hard to answer…the excellent care that the patients receive here at the Clinic!”
“Next, I have been affected by the professionalism of staff and volunteers and the high standard of care that the patients receive here. The continuity of care is on the level of any private pay medical clinic and is given with a genuine outpouring of feeling and consideration for the patient.”
Finally, Victor encourages others to support the Clinic. “When you give to the CFC, you are helping a neighbor to obtain medical care, and if you volunteer, you can be part of a team that makes a difference one patient at a time. All are welcomed here to face challenges together for the purpose of healing.”
Mary Lovera, Clinical Director, smiled as she said, “He is a truly generous man who has taught me new ways to educate patients! Very generous with his time and talents and always ready to lend a helping hand. I am so fortunate that I have gotten to know him.” The Clinic is so grateful for Victor, but not as grateful as he is to serve here. “I cherish the time I spend here and get so much more back than I give from those I encounter and can help.”

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