Robert, just like many CFC patients, was dealt a difficult hand. Despite doing the best he could, things didn’t turn out as planned and he was left without health care coverage. Because he had been out of work for years while caring for his dad who passed away in 2014, he couldn’t find a job and became homeless. He was staying at a local shelter when he developed a blood clot in his leg and was rushed to Morton Plant Hospital. Once treated there for his emergent condition, he was referred to the Clinic for follow-up care and medications. With the Clinic’s help and care, Robert has now turned his life around and is in control of his health.

When he first arrived, Robert was angry because he didn’t understand his diagnosis. Clinic nurse practitioners took the time to explain to him his diagnosis so that he knew what he had to do to get better and take the first steps to finally get back on his feet. “She explained everything in detail and told me, ‘Look, you have to pay attention.’”

Robert is now healthier than ever and receives many medications and treatments each month from the Clinic and its community partners. He is no longer living in a shelter; he rents a home and has a job at one of the major hotel chains in the Clearwater area. “You wouldn’t believe the care I receive here,” he proclaims. “If I didn’t have the Clinic I don’t think I would have lived.”

Kevin Choi