Mark your calendars folks! Every year on January 12th, we celebrate those unsung heroes of the healthcare industry with National Pharmacist’s Day. Here at the Clearwater Free Clinic, every day is Pharmacist’s Day because we wouldn’t be able to satisfy our patients’ needs without our wonderful volunteer pharmacists. Their expertise, care and dedication is what keeps our clinic running seamlessly and providing cost-free medications to those that need them.


Today, we’d like to highlight one of our own, Debbie. She has been a volunteer pharmacist at the Clearwater Free Clinic since 2009 and selflessly gives her time to those in need, even with her responsibilities at the Morton Plant Hospital where she works. Her favorite part about working here at the clinic? The patients. “The people you get to work with. The patients always seem so nice and appreciative.” She speaks particularly about one patient, Doreen who has had difficulty accepting care in the past but has really taken to Debbie and her kind and humorous nature. This self-proclaimed cat-lover makes our clinic family whole!

Pharmacists do so much more for patients than most realize. They have the knowledge to educate others about how to use their medications and the compassionate understanding to counsel. We know that our clinic simply wouldn’t be the same without our volunteer pharmacists.

So, here’s to Debbie, our pharmacy team here at the Clearwater Free Clinic and all of the pharmacists out there! We thank you for all that you do. Is there a pharmacist in your life that you’d like to thank today? Let them know they are loved!

volunteersJaydeep Bhimani