Barenton has been a patient at the Clearwater Free Clinic for just two months, and has already started to feel better not only physically, but also has an increased peace of mind. At 29, he never expected to have such health issues arise seemingly out of nowhere. He had been misdiagnosed at a local urgent care center and was prescribed antibiotics for bronchitis when in reality, he had two blood clots located in his lungs. He says earnestly about his condition, “I could have died.” After staying in the hospital for four days being treated for the blood clots, he truly needed one-on-one, personalized follow-up care that he could afford.


The blood thinner he was prescribed to keep more blood clots from forming was not at all affordable and he was not covered by any kind of health insurance. He worked for a temp agency and an auto parts store, but the premiums associated with the insurance he was offered would have costed even more than the paycheck he received every two weeks.

Barenton is now closer to a real diagnosis than ever. “Darlene has been taking great care of me. She really cared about what was going to happen to me. I’m already feeling better knowing that I can receive my medications.” Accessible, quality health care makes all of the difference.