Thursday, March 30th, is “National Doctors’ Day”…a day of celebration established to recognize physicians and the many contributions they make each day. When sick or in pain, in body or mind, we seek the help of doctors to heal us. Often times, we may not recognize all of the efforts and accomplishments of our doctors as they work to keep us healthy. It is difficult to imagine what society would be like without doctors of all kinds to care for us when we need them.

Did you know that last year, there were 922 million visits to physicians in America? The Clearwater Free Clinic invites you to celebrate the doctors in your life and let them know how much you value their medical expertise, kindness, compassion, or simple willingness to listen.

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Say thank you by making a donation to the Clearwater Free Clinic in their honor and the Clinic will send an acknowledgment(s) of your gratitude.

To which doctor(s) would you like to give an extra dose of gratitude on this Doctors’ Day 2017?

What better way to honor a physician than to provide medical care to those in need? Fill out the below form and make a donation today!

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